Welcome to Epione

Based on the Stratford Rd in Hockley Heath and offering Chiropractic and other complementary therapies for the Solihull, Knowle and Dorridge area the Epione clinic is dedicated to offering the best care possible.  With fully qualified and experienced practitioners, we have some of the area’s leading Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and massage therapists to help with a range of complaints from sciatica and back pain to injury rehabilitation.

We understand that physical therapy treatments can seem a daunting experience. Will it hurt? How will I feel? How long will it last? What should I wear? These are just a couple of questions running through your mind before you go and see your local Chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist.   If you have any concerns about the type of treatments we offer please call us or visit our frequently asked questioned sections. At Epione we aim to create a relaxing environment which doesn’t feel like a traditional clinic; creating the right atmosphere and understanding our patients. We aim to always give a personal service please click on members of our team to find out more about the people at the Epione Clinic.

We couldn’t possibly list all the conditions we treat at the Epione clinic but below are some of the most common complaints we see.

  • Lower and upper back pain – If pain comes on through activity or being sat in one position for too long we can help.
  • Sciatica or lumbago – One of the most common descriptions of leg and back pain, not all are the same and our Chiropractor or physiotherapist can devise a treatment plan to suit you.
  • Neck pain  – Most people feel apprehensive about treating this area of the body, please rest assured you are in safe hands for massage and manipulation treatments.
  • Migraine prevention – Migraines can you take you out of action for a whole day in sum cases even longer, whether its chiropractic or soft tissue massage, the Epione clinic can help.
  • Shoulder, arm, wrist and hand pain – Recovering from surgery, sports injury or just general wear and tear we can help treat the cause and get you back to your best.
  • Leg, knee, ankle and foot pain – There is nothing worse than not being able to get around, physiotherapy and chiropractic care can get you up and about, enjoying life again.