Do the chiropractic treatments hurt?

Firstly Chiropractors have many techniques to treat symptoms that usually make patients come into the clinic. However Chiropractors are most famous for the manipulation of a joint.  It’s this manipulation that makes the crack sound. It’s a strange sensation but one which is pain free and is used to release the pressure in the joint which is usually causing the pain for the patient in the first place.

How long does each treatment take?

We don’t have a set time for treatments as it does depend on what we are treating. We do allow 1 hour for the initial consultation where we can find out what the problem is and recommend the best way to treat it. A standard treatment can be up to 40mins dependent on the type of treatment needed but we can also treat some patients in less than 20 mins. We believe in treating everyone on a case by case basis, so we can get to the cause of the problem and offer the best possible care.

What types of treatments are available at the Epione clinic?

The owner of Epione has been a Chiropractor in Solihull for several years. Lianne Griffiths offers Chiropractic treatments for Solihull and the surrounding areas including Henley in Arden and Dorridge. We also work alongside the Wayne Girddlestone clinic to offer Physiotherapy, Sport Massage and Craniosacral therapy.

Do you work with local GPs?

Yes, we work with several GPs in the Solihull area. We also work with leading Spinal consultants from local hospitals. As such we are able to arrange X-rays and CAT-scans to help determine the cause and best treatment plan available.

Do you do home visits?

If you are unable to get to the clinic due to the nature of your symptoms then we are able to do home visits, these conditions are very rare and should be discussed with our Chiropractor beforehand.

Are you available on the NHS?

Unfortunately no chiropractic treatment is available on the NHS. We are covered by various private medical insurance insurances. Please call or email us for further details

 What times are you open?

The Clinic is open 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday. Opening hours from 8.00am to 8.00pm on week days and from 8.00am till 1.00pm on Saturdays.

What should I wear for a treatment?

We recommend you wear loose fitting clothing. We do have gowns and changing facilities available for those who wish to change, though this is not compulsory.