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A little about us

Based on the Stratford Road in Hockley Heath, Solihull, we offer Chiropractic care as well as referrals to the Wayne Girdlestone Clinic for physiotherapy, cranial-sacral therapy and sports massage. The Epione chiropractic clinic is dedicated to offering the best care possible, all our services are shaped around getting you back doing what you enjoy, as quickly as possible.

Quality care is at the forefront of what we offer. Lianne Griffiths is the owner of the Epione Clinic and has been a practising Chiropractor in the Solihull area for over 16 years. Lianne is determined to run a practice that offers the best possible care and treatment for a list of symptoms. Always ensuring that the patient comes first.

We love to listen. Not only does it make the whole experience more enjoyable but also helps us get a deeper understanding of what may be causing the problem. We want to be able to treat the cause, not just the complaint. We schedule each appointment to give everyone the time they need.

From the moment you enter the Epione Chiropractic Clinic, we want you to feel comfortable. Going for any kind of treatment can be a daunting experience. Totally unintimidating, the Epione clinic works hard to make the atmosphere as relaxing as possible.  

We enjoy it when you’re with us but believe it or not we want to see you less. If your target is playing for your local rugby club or playing tag with grandchildren, we are here to help you do that. People enjoy life because of what they get out of it, so if any injury or physical complaint is stopping you enjoying any aspect of your life, then we want to help.

What we treat

We couldn’t possibly list all the conditions we treat at the Epione clinic but just so you
know you are in the right place here are some of the most common conditions we see.


Lower & Upper
Back Pain

If the pain comes on through activity or being sat in one position for too long the Epione clinic can help get you back to yourself.


Mechanical Neck

Most people feel apprehensive about treating this area of the body, please rest assured you are in safe hands for massage and manipulation treatments.



Migraines can you take you out of action for a whole day or even longer, whether its chiropractic or soft tissue massage, we can help.


Shoulder and
Arm Pain

Recovering from surgery,
sports injury or just general wear and tear we can help treat the cause and get you back to your best.


Wrist and
Hand Pain

Arising from repetitive movements at the wrist, this complaint can easily occur through DIY such as gardening, we are here to help.


Leg and
Foot Pain

Restricted movement and not being able to get around can be painful and frustrating - physiotherapy and chiropractic care can get you up and, enjoying life again.


TEL: 01564 783 033

So if you’re looking for a Chiropractor in Solihull, Birmingham or North Warwickshire? We can help.

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