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In Solihull we are blessed with having great parks to run around during the summer months. As a Chiropractor I’m in favour of off road running as it puts less stress on the joints during the impact of every foot strike and it also improves strength around the joints and for the core.

So here is 8.2 mile off road run around Solihull and its parks.

Starting at David Lloyd South cross the road and take a left for around 400 meters. As you pass over an under pass take an immediate right into monkspath park. Stay alongside the path until you reach the children’s area then take a right onto the drive way, at the pillion take a right, this brings you out at the traffic lights.

Cross the lights and follow the rd round. After approximately 600 meters take a left down what looks like an ally way. You are now heading on to Wydney Manor golf course. Just follow the track where you will come to a bridge. After the bridge stay left and keep on the track all the way till you come out past the cemetery.

You now need to start heading back to Solihull so take a left and first right. You will come across a style Take this path for approx a mile which brings you out on the hill by Wydney Manor rd.  Next is a little wooded area that takes you to Solihull college, take a right through a public foot path gate and stay left till you run through Solihull college  and into Malvern  park.

Stay right and do large anti clockwise loop around the park, exist at signs for Solihull town centre.

Stay left till you come to a roundabout, go straight across with Solihull touchwood on your right hand side. You will come to an under pass on your left which takes you to Tudor Grange park, again do a large anti clockwise loop till you exist away from Solihull town centre onto monkspath hall rd.

At the roundabout stay right and follow the to the end where you turn right then  a quick left back in to monskapth park. Run through the park where you can get out of the park the same way you started your run.

I love this run as the trails are always in good condition and lots of smiley dog walkers to say hello to.