March 20th, 2013

First things first advice

Over the years we have had many phone calls relating to someone who has fallen or through a sudden movement, developed acute back pain. Most of the time they will want an appointment yet sometimes they are too sore to move. We will always try our best to help but sometimes a treatment at this time isn’t always the answer, in fact reducing the swelling and pain through the steps detailed below could result in us being able to provide a more comprehensive treatment when you arrive in the clinic. Although each case is different I have highlighted some steps that could be taken.


By icing the area you are reducing the swelling and increasing blood flow allowing the body to recover as quickly as possible. Many of you will be aware that international sportsmen and women have ice baths immediately after training and competitions. This treatment ensures the body recovers as quickly as possible – it’s the same principle.


Although it’s painful, generally keeping the joint moving is a good idea. When the joint is stationary for prolonged periods of time, it tends to stiffen and makes moving even more uncomfortable or painful as a result.


You should see Anti-inflammatories through as a course, just taking one or two will not have the maximum effect, you what the medication to build up in your system. Please follow the instructions as with all medication.

Lastly, please still call us. As stated the above are only some general guidelines to follow for certain injuries. We are happy to give advice over the phone and ensure that when you do come in for a treatment you get the maximum benefit.

December 6th, 2012

Chiropactic and Cyclist Article

I came across this article in a recent Cycling Plus publication. As a Chiropractor and keen cyclist i found it an extremely interesting read. As cyclists we are prone to back pain, purely because we are fixed in the same position in which we cycle for long periods of time. Even though you can now receive excellent advice on purchasing the correct bike for you size and you can even receive advice on your bike position from a biometrics view point, which should allow you to be more comfortable and generate more power.

As well as Dan Martin from team Garmin Barracuda stating how he works with his chiropractor, the article also gives insight in to how anyone should go about choosing a chiropractor for them .











June 18th, 2012

The Epione Clinic teams up with BackCare

The Solihull Epione Chiropractic Clinic now works in partnership with the UK’s largest back treatment charity. BackCare is a charity whose aim is to significantly reduce the burden of back pain. It does this by providing members of the public information and education in to the causes and treatments of back pain. It also works with industry leading organisations to help fund scientific research into the causes, prevention and management of back pain.

Solihull Chiropractor and owner Lianne Griffiths comments

“We are delighted to be working with the BackCare charity. They do so much to raise the awareness of back pain which affects so many lives in the UK. As well as providing our patients with the latest independent advice on treatments and cause of back pain it also lets us professionals be aware of the latest research within the field. “

May 8th, 2012

Solihull Chiropractor versus Deep tissue massage

We recently had a patient at the Epione clinic that trapped a nerve in their neck and needed a combination of treatments from a Chiropractor and deep tissue massage.  During the first stages of the injury the patient’s neck and shoulder muscles had gone into spasm and proved to be too tender to receive a chiropractic manipulation. Deep tissue massage on the other hand could be used to loosen off the muscle spasm allowing the area to relax. The tenderness around the neck and shoulder decreased after receiving a number of massage treatments. The patient was then able to receive chiropractic manipulation to complete the treatment programme therefore regaining full range of motion without pain which will help also to prevent reoccurrences of the injury.

When asked which treatment is better deep tissue massage or manipulation by a chiropractor then the answer is neither as both treatments have the place in the treatment and maintenance of musculoskeletal health.

massage thearapy

Solihull Chiropractor Comments

“ Many people think that most chiropractors only offer manipulation. We think it is important to treat each complaint with the best researched treatment for that specific case, rather than practising only what we are comfortable with or what a particular clinic offers. It is for this reason we work with GP’s, physiotherapists, sports masseurs and even cranio sacral therapists based in and around the Solihull area. We do this to ensure that each person gets the most suitable care for their complaint. As practitioners we are constantly developing our skills, learning new techniques and researching alternative therapies. “

March 28th, 2012

Dog walking is good for you?

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking your dog out for a walk on a crisp spring morning. However, what starts off as some “good for you” gentle exercise can leave you feeling a little sore and even injured. At no other time would you consider completing a dynamic movement such as throwing a ball as far as you can with no warm up and no stretching but when walking your dog, you don’t give it a second thought.

Solihull Chiropractor Lianne Griffiths explains:

“With an energetic boxer I know how hard it can be to keep a dog well behaved by the side of you. When the arm is stretched out in front of you the muscles of the back and shoulder are not as strong as if the arm was to the side of you and slightly bent. As a result when you try to pull or dog back (under control) we put significant pressure on the upper back, shoulder and neck areas. Obviously if all our dogs were perfect little angels we could just get them to walk by the side of us and put less stress on the upper body. As this is not always possible we recommend doing some warm up movements such as circular arm rotations and stretching before you take your dog for a walk.

Another common complain I see is dog owners who have thrown the ball and as a result developed acute shoulder and neck pain. Throwing sticks (where the stick is used as an extra leaver to launch the ball) are great in reducing the amount of movement needed to throw the ball. I also stress to my chiropractic patients to remember you are not in an Olympic ball throwing competition and your dog won’t hold it against if you throw it a little shorter than usual. Warming up as stated above can help but it is important to ease yourself in the movement of throwing the ball.”

So to avoid an unnecessary visit to your local chiropractor remember to warm up the upper body before taking your dog walking.

January 24th, 2012

See how it works

Ever wondered what’s involved in a Chiropractic treatment? Well now you don’t have to wait till you come to the clinic to find out. Lianne Griffiths, owner and Chiropractor at Solihull’s Epione clinic shows and talks through the types of techniques and adjustments offered as part of a Chiropractic treatment. Click on the image to start the video.


Chiropractors a specialist in treating all joints of the body including, neck and back pain such sciatica and lumbago.