March 20th, 2013

First things first advice

Over the years we have had many phone calls relating to someone who has fallen or through a sudden movement, developed acute back pain. Most of the time they will want an appointment yet sometimes they are too sore to move. We will always try our best to help but sometimes a treatment at this time isn’t always the answer, in fact reducing the swelling and pain through the steps detailed below could result in us being able to provide a more comprehensive treatment when you arrive in the clinic. Although each case is different I have highlighted some steps that could be taken.


By icing the area you are reducing the swelling and increasing blood flow allowing the body to recover as quickly as possible. Many of you will be aware that international sportsmen and women have ice baths immediately after training and competitions. This treatment ensures the body recovers as quickly as possible – it’s the same principle.


Although it’s painful, generally keeping the joint moving is a good idea. When the joint is stationary for prolonged periods of time, it tends to stiffen and makes moving even more uncomfortable or painful as a result.


You should see Anti-inflammatories through as a course, just taking one or two will not have the maximum effect, you what the medication to build up in your system. Please follow the instructions as with all medication.

Lastly, please still call us. As stated the above are only some general guidelines to follow for certain injuries. We are happy to give advice over the phone and ensure that when you do come in for a treatment you get the maximum benefit.