November 30th, 2011

Chiropractor myths

With years of practicing as a Solihull Chiropractor I have come across many views of chiropractors. Some people swear by them and have nothing but praises for what we do, however I am aware that others have a negative impression.  Though this is frustrating, a lot of it can be down to lack of understanding.  Throughout our website you can see the positive things we do and symptoms we treat such as back pain and sciatica. However, below we have tried to address some of the myths about chiropractic treatments.

 1. Chiropractors crack bones back in to place (and it hurts)

The treatment is a strange sensation, but nothing is knocked back into place. The offending joint needs to be freed up so it can attain a full range of motion. Therefore the “crack” is the pressure being released from the joint by your practitioner, trying to fully mobilise the area and reduce the pain. Obviously some areas/joints take longer to fully mobilise than others. For more information visit the chiropractor area of our web site.

 2. All chiropractors are the same

Unfortunately this is not true.  Due to the variety of ways in which a chiropractor can treat a patient some chiropractors tend to use different treatment methods, relying heavily on what they are most comfortable with. Chiropractors have many tools at their disposal all of which should be tried when appropriate in helping patients out of pain.  We also use various other manual therapies such as Graston Technique, myofascial release, nerve mobilizations, various types of exercise and rehabilitation.  These different therapies have all been shown in research and clinical practice to be very effective at treating pain.

3. Chiropractors only treat back pain/sciatica.

Chiropractors are specialists in the treatment of joints; it just happens that you have the largest concentration of joints in you back and neck. Therefore it stands to reason that where chiropractors have the most profound effect on treating patients should be the neck and back areas. That doesn’t mean adjusting doesn’t help with other areas.  As we previously mentioned chiropractors have many treatments at their disposal and can use each of these to treat joints throughout the body. The Epione clinic chiropractor based in Solihull, works hand in hand with physiotherapists and will referrer you to other treatments if they think this will be of more benefit.

4. Once you go. You will never leave..

Our focus as a clinic is to get you “back to active”. Active may mean playing for you local team, chasing the grandchildren or just being able to sit in one position with no pain. Treatments can vary from one to well over ten.  We try and spend more time at each session so we can fully understand the level you need to achieve. We do suggest maintenance packages for some patients but this is only after getting a better understanding of what you want to get out of the treatment.

 5. Chiropractors don’t get along with medical doctors

In the past this may have been true. As Solihull chiropractors we work with many General Practitioners and Spinal Consultants within the Birmingham and Solihull area, we regularly co-manage patients, the best of each profession with the best result, a successful outcome for the patient.

Speak to you local Chiropractor Solihull and Birmingham at the Epione clinic or if you have any questions please email