July 30th, 2013

Kinesiology taping Solihull

Over the last two fantastic years of sports I’m sure most of you are becoming aware that more and more athletes are seen with multi-colour tape on different parts of their body. Unlike traditional methods, where you would see a muscle or joint taped up complete, leading to restricting motion and circulation, Kinesiology tape is designed to work with the muscles and promote movement.

Kinesio tape works on the principle that pain receptors are located in the thin layer of skin between the epidermis and the dermis, by applying the Kinesio tape to the skin above the specified are, it is possible to lift these layers. This opens up the area, leading to increased blood circulation and flow of lymphatic fluids, thus increased stimulation and recovery.solihull tape

The tape is applied over the injured or strained area to support and stabilise it, but a muscle or tendon’s movement is never hampered. Application can be difficult at first and that’s why the first time you consider trying Kinesiology tape it’s recommended you utilise a health professional. Here at the  Ask your chiropractor for more details.