October 22nd, 2011

Rugby and chiropractic treatments

Married to a former rugby player who just happens to be Welsh I have been involved in lots of conversations this week about dangerous tackles and how safe or unsafe it all is.  Even though I have enjoyed this year’s rugby world cup, as a Chiropractor and medical professional I have to close my eyes at some of the impacts you see on the rugby field.

We deal with rugby players retuning to fitness after an injury or players who have specific problems from long term use or repetitive injury. In most cases we help the player return back to fitness and to continue doing what they enjoy through a range of treatments such as spinal and joint manipulation, soft tissue therapy, exercise and rehabilitative advice and kinesio-taping.

However before visiting your Solihull chiropractor to treat your joint or back pain please also start to think of injury prevention. By strengthening your core muscles and the muscles around specific joints you can play a big role in your own injury prevention. Unfortunately many rugby players spend there time in the gym lifting big weights and not exercising smaller muscles that you don’t see, such as your rotator cuff, which is crucial for shoulder stability in the short and long term. Gyms are now more switched on to core exercise as this has received some well deserved publicity over the last few years. Exercises such as the “plank” and “bridge” are now common in the gym for most ladies, but I’m not sure I can remember the last time I saw a 16 stone rugby player taking 30 minutes to work his core. For more information on these types of exercise please talk with your local instructor, or go online where there are many articles discussing this in more depth. If there is a specific concern for you then please don’t hesitate to come into the Epione clinic for a consultation with a chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist. As for the tackle that led to the sending off of Wales captain Sam Warburton I though it was a little harsh – what are you suppose to do with someone when you have them in the air in just a split second, what ever way the French player came down to earth it was going to hurt…