May 8th, 2012

Solihull Chiropractor versus Deep tissue massage

We recently had a patient at the Epione clinic that trapped a nerve in their neck and needed a combination of treatments from a Chiropractor and deep tissue massage.  During the first stages of the injury the patient’s neck and shoulder muscles had gone into spasm and proved to be too tender to receive a chiropractic manipulation. Deep tissue massage on the other hand could be used to loosen off the muscle spasm allowing the area to relax. The tenderness around the neck and shoulder decreased after receiving a number of massage treatments. The patient was then able to receive chiropractic manipulation to complete the treatment programme therefore regaining full range of motion without pain which will help also to prevent reoccurrences of the injury.

When asked which treatment is better deep tissue massage or manipulation by a chiropractor then the answer is neither as both treatments have the place in the treatment and maintenance of musculoskeletal health.

massage thearapy

Solihull Chiropractor Comments

“ Many people think that most chiropractors only offer manipulation. We think it is important to treat each complaint with the best researched treatment for that specific case, rather than practising only what we are comfortable with or what a particular clinic offers. It is for this reason we work with GP’s, physiotherapists, sports masseurs and even cranio sacral therapists based in and around the Solihull area. We do this to ensure that each person gets the most suitable care for their complaint. As practitioners we are constantly developing our skills, learning new techniques and researching alternative therapies. “